Box Of 250 White 220mm x 220mm Peel/Seal Envelopes

Box Of 250 White 220mm x 220mm Peel/Seal Envelopes

Box Of 250 White Square 220mm x 220mm 120gsm Peel Seal Luxury Envelopes

The purest white, reminiscent of a fresh snow covered mountaintop in the alpine air. A high quality heavyweight white for everyday luxury usage.

High quality Peel Seal Pastel Ice White Square Envelopes made from a 120gsm FSC sourced paper that is a premium thickness luxury envelope. This pure white colour envelope envelope is an oversized large square envelope and is a popular choice for for many uses including corporate stationery, wedding invitations, party events and general daily envelope use...

These Square White Envelopes are produced exclusively for our own in-house envelope brand by our UK FSC accredited envelope manufacturers and packages as a discounted bulk box of 250 envelopes.

Coloured Envelope Specifications:

Box Quantity: 250 envelopes.
Height: 220mm (8.66 inches)
Length: 220mm (8.66 inches)
Paper Weight: 120gsm
Seal Type: Peel & Seal Wallet (Long Side)

*Manufactured in the UK by an FSC accredited company.

Printer's Note: Discreet wording indicating the brand range name is printed on the inside of the flap, this cannot be seen when the envelope is in its closed or sealed state and is visible only when the envelope is open.

Pack Specifications
Pack Colour White
Internal Fit Square Envelopes
Single Unit Height 220mm
Single Unit Width 220mm
Seal/Flap Style Peel/Seal Straight Flap
Paper Weight 120gsm
Pack Quantity 250 Envelopes
Colour Reference Guide
N/A Colour referencing is not available on this item. Please contact us directly for further clarification.
  • Our Price - £48.00 each.
  • (£40.00 ex.VAT)
  • We currently have 50 of these in stock.

N.B. The product images on the screen are representative, and the colour may differ from the actual product. If you wish to place an order and colour accuracy is paramount, we recommend you request a free physical sample of the paper, or refer to our Pantone chart which shows the closest match.